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Product Search - Sun Perennials - Phlox - Creeping/Tall


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'Bright Eyes' Tall Phlox
'Bright Eyes' T...
Stunning attractive blo...
$17.95  $9.77
'Coral Eye'  Creeping Phlox
'Coral Eye' Cr...
Mass carpet of spring b...
$15.95  $8.75
Creeping Phlox 'Blue Emerald'
Creeping Phlox ...
Showy low growing groun...
$17.95  $8.77
Creeping Phlox 'Candy Stripe'
Creeping Phlox ...
Covered w/ masses of tw...
$16.99  $8.75
Creeping Phlox 'Emerald Pink'
Creeping Phlox ...
Gorgeous mat of pink fl...
$16.95  $8.77
Creeping phlox 'North Hills'
Creeping phlox ...
Reblooming creeping Phlox!
$17.99  $8.75
Creeping Phlox 'Purple Beauty'
Creeping Phlox ...
Perfect for the rock ga...
$16.99  $8.77
'David' Tall Phlox
'David' Tall Phlox
2002 Perennial of the Y...
$16.95  $9.33
Flame® Pink
Flame® Pink
Fragrant flame pink!
$18.95  $9.77
FLAME™ Purple Eye
FLAME™ Purple Eye
Phlox paniculata Flame™ Series
$17.95  $8.95
'Franz Schubert' Phlox
'Franz Schubert...
Delightfully fragrant ...
$17.95  $9.77
'Glamour Girl' Tall Phlox
'Glamour Girl' ...
Fragrant, glowing hot p...
$18.95  $10.33
'Orange Perfection' Garden Phlox
'Orange Perfect...
Orange flowers!
$16.77  $10.33
Phlox 'Bedazzled Lavender' PP31168 Bedazzled Series
Phlox 'Bedazzle...
Phlox 'Bedazzled Lavender' PP3
$17.95  $8.77
Phlox 'Cloudburst' PPAF CPBRAF
Phlox 'Cloudbur...
Phlox 'Cloudburst'
$19.95  $11.75
Phlox 'Eva Cullum'
Phlox 'Eva Cullum'
An amazing garden phlox!
$17.99  $8.77
Phlox 'Fashionably Early Crystal' Fashionably Early Series
Phlox 'Fashiona...
Phlox 'Fashionably Early Crystal'
$18.95  $9.33
Phlox 'Opening Act Blush' PP27462 CPBRAF Opening Act Series
Phlox 'Opening ...
Phlox 'Opening Act Blush'
$18.95  $10.33
Phlox 'Opening Act Ultrapink' Opening Act Series
Phlox 'Opening ...
Phlox 'Opening Act Ultrapink'
$17.95  $12.95
Phlox 'Opening Act White' Opening Act Series
Phlox 'Opening ...
Phlox 'Opening Act White' Open
$17.95  $10.77
Phlox p. Blue Paradise Garden Phlox
Phlox p. Blue P...
Phlox p. Blue Paradise Garden
$19.99  $10.33
Phlox p. Top Shelf Purple Kiss
Phlox p. Top Sh...
Phlox p. Top Shelf Purple Kiss
$17.95  $12.33
Phlox p. 'Ultraviolet' LUMINARY™ Collection
Phlox p. 'Ultra...
Phlox p. 'Ultraviolet' LUMINAR
$17.95  $12.77
Phlox p. 'Younique Orange'
Phlox p. 'Youni...
Phlox paniculata Younique Orange
$19.95  $9.75
Phlox paniculata 'Opalescence' LUMINARY™ Collection
Phlox paniculat...
Phlox paniculata 'Opalescence'
$19.95  $11.95
Phlox s. 'Eye Shadow'
Phlox s. 'Eye S...
Phlox s. 'Eye Shadow' ppaf
$17.95  $8.57
Phlox 'Younique Cerise'
Phlox 'Younique...
Phlox p. 'Younique Cerise'
$17.95  $10.33
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